Congratulations! It’s a podcast!

Look for this on your favorite podcatcher! (It was vanilla cake with St. Germain, cream cheese frosting.)

I just launched a little project all my own, it’s a podcast called A Slice From The Middle, one woman’s sometimes clumsy, often touching, frequently funny adventure through life starting in the middle of everything: Age, parenting, career, marriage, and the US. 

For this first season I’ll be reading some of my columns that have done nothing but sit in a big ol’ plastic tub for over ten years. I wanted to get them out of the box and…somewhere. In addition, I did wonder if there may be a future for me as an audiobook narrator, but I need a lot of reading aloud experience; I need to master some better breathing techniques, and I have a lot to learn about voices. I thought this would be a good place to start exploring that as well as getting my writing work”out there.” I do plan to create some original content along the way, maybe I’ll dig out the novels or short stories that I’ve written and have not seen the light of day, and maybe I’ll invite other Middles to share their work.

Each episode will be less than 10 minutes long, my columns are under 650 words which is pretty short and I’m not a fan of babbly podcasts so I’m sure as heck am not going to create one. The format is this: Just a little context, maybe an update, or lessons since learned, then the essay, then done! Just long enough to take the dog into the back yard to do her business, go get the mail, empty and stuff the dishwasher, mop the kitchen floor, brush your teeth…okay, you know where you have 10 minutes a day to spend with me, right?

I always thought of my columns as slice-of-life essays. The situations, foibles, and lessons learned were mostly something common and relatable but as seen through my lens. Like a middle cake slice: essentially like any other slice just…different. An “Oh, I never thought of it that way,” thing. Although sometimes also a “Better you than me,” thing. Or an “Oh please tell me you didn’t…damn, you did,” thing.

If you would like to listen on this website, just click the play arrow below; if you would like to subscribe (I would love for you to subscribe) just find A Slice From The Middle on most (I’m still working on that) podcatchers!