After a stint in Mommybloggerland (which is very nice, I could have hung out there for a long time. Girlfriends make some serious cookies and cocktails) I got a title change to COLUMNIST with The Kansas City Star in 2010. Slice of life, once a week.  Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes hopeful- I try to admit to my mistakes (which are many) and talk about lessons that I have learned along the way. Fortunately, I mess up a lot in life so I have quite a bit to share. (All links open in a new window)


A not so thorough list of columns (I’ve been at this for 7 years, almost every week, that’s a lot of writing!)

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Can you not? My positively not so positive parenting

The best gifts are in the boxes you don’t expect

How a woman can  help teach a boy become a man (Just now realizing that title could be naughty…it’s not.)

Our fridge board is never bored

No, I’m not my son’s grandmother

I didn’t plan a vacation, I planned two weeks of paradox

Jane Austen and a bank teller taught me a lesson

I’m sad spring baseball season is over? How did that happen?! (hope for the non-sporty parents of sporty kids)

Two of my kids went to this leadership camp-like thing so, of course, I can compare them

The not so lonely confessions of a hot mess

Oasis in the city to calm the chaos of May (this place was so cool!)

(Important advice for this heavy life milestone season) The class of 2016 is like the class of 2015 until it’s not

I love this one…She said/He said: Baseball 

Riding in a Car with Boys

Tales From a Non-Hugger

A Museum Inside a Museum

Floating in the shallow end of the thought pool 

How to adult when you don’t think of yourself as an adult

My mother had her clothesline, I have an internet line

Books! And the cookbook that taught me to cook

12 Pages of Optimism in 600 Words


Three Things Happened and I Realized This (About kids and what we teach them without realizing it)

A Lazy Mom’s Guide to Christmas

Yeah, I have a blankie…so what?

Sea Earned Wisdom in a Landlocked State

A typical morning, a typical drop-off and typical wishes

A Tale of Two Dancers

Respecting the nap!

Cake. Yes, the kind with frosting

Even more lessons from parenthood, this one learned when a kid was sick

Kids leave scars all over the place

On Breaking the Rules (with eight movie or TV references because I can)

Back to School Lessons…and cringes

Three Life Events, Three Women, One Lesson…Burma Shave (I really like this one)

 Questionably Tasty Time Travel Foods

A love letter to Physical Therapists everywhere

Why I Never (Parenting)

Not Being Ready is Perfectly Normal (My high school senior daughter shared her fears about this important year)

Grown-Up Field Trips in Kansas City: No Permission Slip Required

How The Sibling Rivalry Between My Twin Brother and I Plays Out These Days

My Childhood Shrine Literally Sucks

My Travel Savvy is as Out Of Shape as My...

The One Where I Explain a Paralyzed Vocal Cord

Parenting in the Driving Age: Day One  (What our mornings looked and look like)

Our Kids Are Going To Be The Ones To Change Our Language…maybe  that’s not a bad thing

Reflections On Driving Lessons, or What A Crappy Teacher I Was

One Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Prequel to blog series: Mindless Chatter Was My Jam -only I didn’t know it at the time.)

Oh Boy, Oh Boy

Lessons of 2014: The One Where I ask My Friends What They Learned

The Stillness of the Holidays Exists

When Given The Chance To Talk About Sweet Childhood Holiday Memories, I Choose to Talk About How My Mom Let Us Drink (also, sweeter than it sounds, I promise)

I Have This Thing About Tiaras, and Other Dress-up Accessories

All That I Have To Say About Parent-Teacher Conferences

The One Where I Talk About The Powers of Face to Face Communication (sweeter than that sounds, though)

The One Where I Give You Permission to Brag About Your Family

The Story of Our First Memory Quilt

The One Where I Whine About Homework

A Letter To a Weary Mom of a Toddler (Be warned: There is a very large picture of  a very pregnant me will pop-up)


Visiting Kansas City?

Dotted Line

The Amazing Cosmic Reference of Afterschool Specials

Even Happy Moms Get Cranky Sometimes

I Don’t Like to Fish, But I Like Fishing

Old Timey Summers Have Always Been Here

Thank you to Moms

Laughing at Ourselves Through Misheard Lyrics

Spring Break Was Sprung On Me…sorta

The Last Snow Day

A Very Real Family Dinner

Thank You Note Screw-up

What Does It Mean To Be a Stay-at-Home Parent?

Get Your Badass On

Auld Acquaintance Should Be Recalled 

It’s About Time

A Day of Horror

I retired, for a little while anyway

A sporty life lesson

Ironing is a gift

 Sporting a Feather in the Cap of Marching Band

Tales of Friendship Through The Years

Lessons from the Football Bleachers

Rolling with it, Halloween Style

Happily Right Now

You can find the rest here, The Kansas City Star. Search for my name…Susan Vollenweider.

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