Let’s be realistic…

I honestly have zero desire to post on here every time that I drop a new episode, that’s twice a week and I’m not that motivated, and am- at my core- lazy. If you want to listen and be updated when new episodes drop, please subscribe on your favorite podcatcher. If you want to contact me, see the contact page on here; if you want to follow me on social media–yeah, do that, I would love to meet you.

What I will do is post the audio of those episodes once a week, in a pair. I know that there are a lot of people who listen via websites (although I do have a Libsyn page that has them as soon as they drop and you can follow that HERE.) I know, social media managers are cringing…or thinking I would make a great client. Here’s the thing: I know what “best practices” are; I know better what “best Susan practices” are and if I add too many commitments to this project it will start to feel like work and that is the last thing I want.

Fighting For Exclusive Ownership of Pens and Mules

Thanks for listening!

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