Stuff I write

My head is really loud.

I get to share some of the true ones in my weekly column in the Kansas City Star (see:COLUMNS FOR MORE), and on here, of course.

A lot of fiction stories are also screaming to be told. But none of them are available for you to read…yet. Let’s just say I have a nice, ever-growing trunk file, experience in handling the querying process and am always, ALWAYS working on something else. What do I write? Mostly Women’s Fiction- humorous and serious. I’m mid -Fantasy/Chicklit cross-over and working on a second draft of something that is best described as Contemporary Historical Women’s Lit.  I also like to write stories based on lessons learned from women who have made history.

Like I said, the stories are screaming to be told and I am typing as fast as I can.

Here is a collection of three short pieces that took three years to write. A Love Story in Three Parts.

I will be adding some short stories to this website, mostly because I like writing them.  Here is one that I had on my old site.

My very messy, unstaged desk.

My very messy, unstaged desk.

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