Still here and doing…stuff

Hi! I’m still around! I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been as excited to hear that from friends as I am this year… after this year and a half going on two. Knowing that people I care about have made it this long is something to celebrate.

I’ve been plugging away on the podcast, taking care of my family, baking –so much baking– and when Covid took a little vacation this spring; when the world opened just an itty, bitty, teeny, tiny bit, I did what a lot of people did: went through on the plans I made for, “when this thing is over.”

First off: I lost the weight all that baking and stress packed on my hips, ass, stomach…everywhere.

Beckett and I were interviewed for some History Channel shows (nbd…just kidding, VERY bd) and I went on a family vacation to the East coast with my born into and born family. I gardened, saw some friends, ate out, went into stores, realized that I don’t like going into stores, and the therapy that I had started in 2020 because I didn’t even know what the hell this pandemic was doing to me continued.

But then, Covid came back from its vacation and, living in the middle of the country in a state that never shut down in a town with very few who took Pandemic, Part One seriously I stopped doing all that stuff again.

I’ve spent a lot of time examining my life (who hasn’t?) and what the next steps are. I LOVE working with Beckett to create The History Chicks podcast, but since getting laid off from The Star in 2019, I haven’t had anything all my own. I’ve been floundering, wondering if this is it? Starts and fails…will I ever have any other project stick?

But, I have an idea, a path to try and I’ve been doing the background work and hope to be able to talk about very soon. It might not amount to anything, but you know what? Even before I share with anyone, just creating this for myself feels like something stuck.

Only in 2021 would “stuck” feel so good.

Part of what I’ve been working on. Hell yeah, I made that cake and it was delicious! Vanilla with St Germain Buttercream frosting. If that slice in the middle is bothering your visual sensibilities, I hope it makes sense when I explain. And I will.

Got at thought about this?

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