I had such great plans…

I love summer. Not so much a fan of the cold, spring is too muddy, and I get sad in the fall when all the leaves start to turn and I know that it will be gray and brown for months.

But summer…this is my season. My hair gets natural highlights, my energy level shoots up and I want to be outside all the time. For a few months I turn into a more experienced (and currently landlocked) version of the beach girl I was in my youth. I can garden and cut back on the regular food pyramidy meals we eat to indulge my families cravings for sweet corn and chips ‘n salsa dinners.

Winter makes me sad, but still lifes like this make me happy.

Winter makes me sad, but still lifes like this make me happy.

I had really high expectations (probably because I have a crappy memory and forgot how ready I was for it to end last August). I planned things for the kids- camps and sports and organized outings. Middle son informed me that 4 out of 5 mornings he had to go to the gym to workout for football, but that was cool. I was ready.

Now the kids have been out of school for two full months.


It’s been a non-stop mom-taxi fest. All that stuff? They had to GET THERE. Older child only had her driver’s permit so I had to be in the car, middle child had to get his permit…so I had to drive him back and forth to the testing center (he didn’t test all that great). Once he passed, we had to begin logging his hours behind the wheel.

Kid one at the wheel

Kid one at the wheel

Kid two at the wheel

Kid two at the wheel

I got to drive for 4 hours-TWICE- so eldest could attend Girl’s State and all I could think of was that at this time next year, she will be packing to go off to college.

In her dorm room...for a week. But it's foreshadowing, isn't it?

In her dorm room…for a week. But it’s foreshadowing, isn’t it?

I got to race several thunderstorms during baseball season and was just told that we will be playing fall ball, too.


We went to watch others play baseball, and played so much ball in the yard there are worn spots in the grass.

The boys fished. A lot.

20140604_070752 redo

I created the Drunken Kumquat (Kumquat poked with corn skewer + whipped cream vodka in a bottle in a cool place for a week); I ate a lot of Drunken Kumquats.

With some of the soaking vodka and lime sparkling water.

With some of the soaking vodka and lime sparkling water.

In sangria

In sangria

I got to drive people place, get people ready to go places and then pick them up when they were finished. In theory it’s the last summer I have to do this, but I’m not sad about giving taxi duties for all up. Maybe I will feel differently at this time next year.


So the kids are having a really great summer and I am sliding around on the sweat that happens when nekid thigh meets hot leather mini-van seats.

I still love summer…but because we couldn’t swing a vacation this year and I feel that we are overstaying our Staycation- I’m ready for it to be over.

Since it’s not, I’ll go back outside take some pictures of my garden and remind myself why I love summer.

I made a fairy garden this summer.

I made a fairy garden this summer.


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