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THC_HiRes_Ivory square 1400 x1400In January, 2011 I embarked on a really amazing journey. For some of you reading this, you met  me and Beckett as we traveled that journey. If you are one of those people, Hi! This is my personal blog. Yes, there are lots of pictures. No, there are none of Beckett. 

If you met me someplace else and clicked this tab wondering what the heck it is- Hi! You should check out (because you are smart and have exceptional taste, I can tell)

However you got here, if you are curious– here is the back story. This is the blog that ran on, where I am a featured blogger, and The Kansas City Star where I have a weekly column.  is also where Beckett and I met in, um, well, gee…2008 maybe? We went on to do NoNoWriMo together in 2010 (and both won! YAY!), this project came to light shortly after we completed that challenge!

                                                       The History Chicks

A funny thing happened to me when I answered an ad in the paper. The ad asked for area moms interested in getting in on the launch of a new website. Was I interested in giving opinions, joining conversations and welcoming other moms to the site?

I was a stay at home mom with a small child who napped, and two others who were in school all day. It was winter, and I was looking at a year very similar to many before it—long days indoors with a small child whose communication skills were adorable, but basic. I was lonely while my husband worked and my other children were at school.

I wasn’t bored, I had plenty to do, but craved adult conversation while I did it. I had participated in another message board before, had a good experience, so I answered the ad.

“Sign me up!” I proudly proclaimed. And they did.

I won’t get all gushy with you. At this point anyone who has read what I have to say knows my loyalty to this site- Mom2momkc. I think it is a wonderful and unique place where moms can not only meet and discuss any topic under the sun, but we can take it a step farther and actually connect in real life, too. Most of us live within 30 minutes of each other. To call one another on the phone is not a toll call, and to meet over coffee, pie or drinks is easy enough.

If you scroll back through my blog posts, you can see several tales of meetups and the women I have met because of this site. Love fests proclaiming my loyalty to Mom2momkc.

Because I answered that ad, I stepped out of my comfort zone and looked around. Because I answered that ad, I have a group of women that I consider some of my closest life friends, have traveled with them, let them into my family and relied on them in times of personal crisis. Because I answered that ad I joined a writing critique group, discovered a hobby that turned into a passion, then a profession.

This past week, because I answered that ad, I took a really amazing next step in my life.

I’m a podcaster.

With another mom2momer.

True story.

This other mom2momer had a dream, and she asked me to be a part of it. I had never even met her in person when she called and first talked to my husband. She was so excited…and I wasn’t home.

“I want her to do a podcast with me!” Beckett said when she called my house.

“What’s a podcast?” was Brian’s first question.

“It’s a radio show on the internet!”

“That sounds like something she would do,” he stated as he took the message.

Beckett and I sat down a week later, discovered things that we already knew—basically we are complete opposites. But respectful and kind opposites who get along really well. Her dream became mine. We worked hard to create and complete a laundry list of things that took the dream to reality. We overcame some 11th hour hurdles, got some amazing advice, refined and tweaked our vision, and this past week our product was launched.

The History Chicks.

With each podcast, Beckett and I will conversationally introduce you to a woman in history- factual AND fictional women. We will place them in time, give an overview of their lives, and discuss their contributions to society both past and present. But any resemblance to a typical history lesson is purely coincidental. Our goal is to share information, bust some commonly held myths, reveal some little known facts, show ways their legacies live on and ignite a fire in our listeners to learn more. Our website will provide some study training wheels to get you going, and if you check back telling us that you took the women into your life in some way, well- that would be the ultimate compliment.

Look for us on itunes, visit our website, like us on facebook, and follow us on twitter (at thehistorychix ). When you listen to my speaking voice, and hear how excited I am about this, know that by coming to mom2momkc, you have been a part of my history.

A funny thing happened to me when I answered an ad. My life, which was great (if a little stagnant), changed for the better. I would like the same for you. Still love your kids, your partner- your priorities don’t have to change, mine haven’t. Write your own ad for the next stage in your life. And answer it.

Download our podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, from our website.

Our original logo

Our original logo

6 thoughts on “The History Chicks

  1. Susan
    Love your authentic style .. You are so real..Feel like I’ve known you forever.
    Your laugh cracks me up..!

    • She’s on the list, we actually had researched her at one point and swapped her out for someone else for a reason I can’t remember but was solid. 🙂 I’ll make a note that she was requested again.

  2. Finally finally finally found my peeps!! I write historical fiction and have not found buddies. You History Chicks are my daily friends. I listen on my IPad when I’m doing things around the house. You are organized and thorough in your presentations. I love all the backstory and your insights. I just found your station. Thank you. Keep it up. Note, my email is not the word press listed here. Please send your announcements, etc. to

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